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"Believers are brothers" (Al-Hujuraat: 10).....It is fact.

But what do you say in non-Muslims? "Those who believe and those who are guided, Christians and Sabians are those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and do good deeds; for theirs is their reward with their Lord, and there is no fear for them, nor do they grieve." (Al-Baqarah: 62)

What is the relationship between nations and peoples between each other and others? "O people, we have created you from male and female, and we have made you peoples and tribes, so that you may know that I will honor you with God.

"To know each other" ... this is the link between people, people, people and people.

But knowledge is known and known, and the most revered among them the most powerful.

This is the law of brotherhood, which is the law of freedom, which does not know Caesar and does not know the knot of sin and do not mean the life of creation in it other than God 

What is the law of equality?

It is a law of equality. And what is the law of settlement! It is a law of justice. Justice should be entitled to every right and the estimate should be a section on destiny

The satellites and the trees, do not the people differ from predestination? "We have preferred some of the prophets to some" (Isra: 55).

Yup !

 9)."Say:" Do those who know and do not know know? "(Al-Zumar)

No, they are not. They are the ignorant of the ignorant, or the injustice of the oppressors, but they themselves are wronged!

But: (God raises those who believe in you and those who gave science degrees) (Al-Mujadillah: 11) (but believers brothers) (AlRoom: 10)

(And all degrees of what they did and your Lord is unaware of what they do) (Al-Anaam: 132)

(And raise some of you above some degrees )(Al-Anaam: 165)

Every permission is granted to the extent of his work, but without a prostitute.

And without the imprisonment of livelihood or exploitation of wealth or altruism of private funds on the public interest.

(Those who hoard gold and silver and spend it in the way of Allah, then he will make them a painful punishment) (At-Tawba: 34)

And the way of God from him what is the war of an enemy with weapons, and what is the payment of internal scourge or reform or a public benefit to the whole group .. That is the way of God really, because God goes for slaves, but wants the face of God of the benefit of people and alleviate their burden and easy for them, And to seek the way of Allah (so that there will not be a state among the rich among you) (Al-Hashr: 7).
They trade among themselves monopoly and monopolization, and that is the peak of the oppression of people, humiliating them, and cursing them in their livelihood. 

Every one in this law gets his work and his favor.

(And do not work, God will see your work and His Messenger and the believers) (At-Tawba: 105).

Believers will see your work, and they will judge you and appreciate it to you, as God will.

Is the work, then, but not only for the pension and self-interest, but for the benefit of the welfare of the community, and to the extent that is appreciated.

This is the Emir of the Faithful Ibn al-Khattab goes in appreciation of constructive work for the benefit of the nation to some extent beyond it further:

"By God, when the Ajaj came to work and came without work, the first understanding of Muhammad on the Day of Resurrection."

Whoever said this, he wanted the correct Islam or the correct faith to be the work of benefit to the people. As for butter, it will go dry, but what benefits the people will remain in the earth.

(And what benefits people) that is the work and that is the credit, and that is a great victory. And not the hoarding of money, and the acquisition of monuments and loss and the proliferation of decoration and belongings. Not righteousness in unemployment and prostration or the imprisonment of money with fasting and tajajid, both; because Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): "It is not righteousness that you took your faces before the East and the Maghreb, but righteousness is the one who believes in Allah and the Last Day, the angels, the writers and the Prophets. Prayer and Zakat came and those who fulfilled their covenant, if they committed and persevere in the worst and the bad, and when Those who believe and those who are righteous are the ones who believe. "(Al-Baqarah: 177) 


From the Book of Muhammad the Apostle and the Message by Dr. Nazmi Luka

 Translated by: Hanaa Mohammed
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