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Is Jesus God? - Dr. Jerald F. Dirks (Episode 2 of 2)

Created by Right Islam
Created on 29 June 2011
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This is part 2 for part 1 to this show visit Amazing evidence that is provided in this show regarding Jesus Christ by a former minister (deacon) of the United Methodist Church and who graduated from the Divinity school from Harvard University tells all in this show. If you have been confused about Jesus and who he really was then this program is for you. Do some people tell you he is God or the son of God? Do some people claim he is one with God in a trinity? Are you confused? Don\'t worry your not the only one and in this show God willing we will clear up all the confusion and misconceptions about Jesus Christ and prove to you that no Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) was not God Almighty. We will also prove that Yes he was a Mighty messenger of God Almighty who called people to worship God Alone and not his Creation. This is something that makes sense and get ready to hear all the evidence from a former Christian who is a Scholar in this area of study, Dr. Jerald Derks who graduated from the Divinity school from Harvard University and is a former minister (deacon) of the United Methodist Church. This is an amazing learning experience of the truth that you don\'t want to miss. Don\'t forget to share this with everyone and keep us in your DUA\'s Introduction [start time 00:00] Son of God? [start time 02:19] God or a Righteous Individual \"I was not sent only to the Israelites\" [start time 04:20] Israelites understood the language \"I & the father are 1\"? [start time 07:18] \"No one comes to the father except through me!\" Pre-existence Vs. Divinity? Unequivocal statements about Jesus not being God! [start time 10:20] Was Jesus teaching them how to pray? [start time 14:30] \"My Lord & my God\"? Why did people leave the unequivocal & hold strong to the ambiguous? [start time 15:55] Who is God? [start time 17:50] Who is Jesus? [start time 19:50] The signs of God are all around us [start time 20:19] I believe there is only 1 God, now what? [start time 21:50] About my books [start time 23:40] Conclusion [start time 25:10] To see more about Dr. Dirks visit To get the DVDs visit Radio shows



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