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Scientific Miracles

The Life of the Sun

The odd thing is that the Holy Quran has described the sun as a dazzling lamp, meaning that it is in its mid age. HE AZZA WA JAL says ﴾And we made a dazzling lamp﴿ (Surat: An-Naba', verse: 13).

And the word "Dazzling" refers to the fact that the sun is a glowing star whereas in the universe we find faint stars and dimmed stars. But the sun is not like that, it is glowing & dazzling and this is a miracle of the Holy Quran because no one knew this fact at the era when the Holy Quran was revealed.

References : Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

Optimism/Positive Thinking
A new scientific research discovers that optimism & being optimistic & thinking positively has a useful effect on health & enhances the immune system in the body. And this is why we can see the good effect of religion on the psychological and physical life of a believer/ a religious person. The more the believer has faith in ALLAH, the better health & the stronger immunity system he has. ALLAH (AZZA WA JAL) says: ﴾ say" O my servants who have transgressed against themselves, do not despair from the mercy of ALLAH. Indeed ALLAH forgives all the sins. Indeed HE is the forgiver & the most merciful ﴿ Surat: Az-Zumar, verse: 53 let's contemplate & think about these words (do not despair).... (do not grieve) ..... (do not lose hope).... All of them are direct orders from ALLAH (AZZA WA JAL) to his servants to correct their way of thinking & to be optimistic & to think positively & have hope.

References :Abduldaem Al-Kaheel