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The administration in Islam is legitimately required for its importance and necessity to regularize the march of the individual and the community. Therefore, it has started at the level of individuals and at the level of the state, because in its existence the group is organized and the opinion is unified and the interest is achieved and the society is strengthened. However, there is a big difference between the elements of administrative work in the system and the Islamic 

1. The administrative system depends on the embrace of utilitarian philosophy and physical attraction without attention to moral principles and human spirit, 
but the Islamic system is considered moral values' is the nature that characterizes the relationship between workers and the masses and this shows in the words of the Prophet peace be upon him "I love " 

2. The system also relies on physical control and disciplinary and legal sanctions as a means of forcing workers to perform their work properly and to discipline their behavior
The system of the Islamic in self-censorship a major role, which stems from theconscience and morals religious verse , "God you were an observer , " and says: "knows the fraud of the eyes and breasts conceal" 
The advantage of this control as a substitute for supervision presidents of various regulatory bodies, which cost a significant financial burden It is easy to escape and circumvent them.
3. The functional system is also based on the idea of ​​right and duty and the relationship between them does not lead to the duty of which it is only after obtaining the right, while in the Islamic system is based on giving and performing the duty before taking the right as the right of God is the right of society, The duty to precede the right, the performance of the work part of the faith in God, and God is the observer of him is witness to him and his Messenger and the believers, "Almighty said) and say do work, God will see your work and His Messenger and believers (Surah At-Tawba).

Rule that " the public interest provided for special interest" 
and the principle of "homily to Allah and His Messenger and the community of believers" 
and the principle of "reward and punishment" 
and the principle of "capacity and efficiency in public office" 
and the principle of "quality and mastery of work" 
and those principles that prompted the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) to The choice of Osama bin Zaid to lead the Islamic Army and was a very young age in the presence of senior companions and those principles also prompted Omar bin al-Khattab to isolate "Sharhabil bin Hassana" of the state of the Levant and also to choose Omar "Sharih" judge on Kufa, when Omar disputed with a man Another on the horse of the rule of the other man's anatomy against Omar and his father spend Kufa and said: Is The judiciary is like this: It is a right to say and to be separated by justice.

      Translated by: Hanaa Mohammed

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