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                                                                          Fruits of the greatness of Islam

  1. Islam clarifies the great truths that man cannot know without the unmistakable Revelation, such as knowing Allah Almighty, the Creator of all, knowing His orders and prohibitions, knowing the beginning of creation and knowing the purpose of creation man.
  1. Islam is a religion from Allah, a perfect religion without any contradiction or injustice, Islam is the method and the laws of Allah, which is the Wise and knowledgeable. Nothing of what is on earth or in heaven is hidden from Allah " Do they not meditate on the Koran? If it came from others than from Allah, they would find many contradictions there. " (Qur'an 4:82)
  1. Islam is a religion that conforms to the right science and the right mentality, gives importance to science and exalts scientists, respects the mind and speaks with it in a logical and rational way. In the sacred Koran Allah the Almighty clarifies the importance of science and the mind " These metaphors We propose them to men, but they don't understand them if not the wise ones. " (Quran 29:43)
  1. Islam frees man from the adoration of creation or from being a slave of his passions to adore Allah Almighty alone and sincerely, follow his instructions, obey his orders and avoid his prohibitions.

After Allah had sent down, in the Quran, the verse that says: " They took their rabbis, their monks and the Messiah son of Mary, as lords other than Allah " (Quran 9:31), 'Adi ibn Hatim ha heard the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessing on him say: "they did not worship their rabbis and monks, But the lawful and the illicit were what their rabbis and monks said "

Raba'i ibn Amer al-Tamimi told Rustam (the commander of the Persians): " Allah has sent us to draw people out of the worship of creation to the worship of Allah Almighty, of the narrowness of the world to its capacity and from the injustice of religions to the justice of Islam. "

  1. To satisfy the needs of the human soul, Islam has legalized everything that conforms to the human soul and can reform it in case of need, Allah is the Creator of man and therefore His religion goes in harmony with the soul human " Would he not know what he himself created, when He is the Subtle, the Well-informed? " (Quran 67:14)
                                                                      Translated by: HANAA MOHAMMED