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How to Convert To Islam ?

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Justice in Islam:

Justice is one of the epithets of Allah Almighty who orders His servants to be fair.

"  In truth Allah has ordained righteousness and kindness and generosity towards relatives, He has forbidden the debauchery, what is reprehensible and rebellion, He admonishes you, so that you may remember it ." Quran 16:90

Justice is the opposite of injustice, Allah has forbidden himself to injustice and has forbidden his servants " In truth Allah does not commit injustice to men, it is men who are wrong to themselves. " Quran 10:44

So justice is the current spirit in Islamic culture and civilization, Islam has forbidden man from being unjust to himself or to anyone.

 "  The angels, when they will kill those who were unjust in their own comparisons, will say," What was your condition? "They will answer:" We have been oppressed on earth. "[Then the angels] will say:" The land of Allah does not was it wide enough to allow you to emigrate? "Here are those who will have Hell for dwelling in. What a sad refuge ." Quran 4:97

In Islam justice is a duty in transactions and behavior even with those we hate.

You will see that many of them will ally themselves with unbelievers, and that which they have prepared is so execrable, that Allah is angry with them." They will remain in perpetuity in the punishment . " Quran 5:80

And with those we fight:

Fight for the cause of Allah against those who fight you, but without excesses, for Allah does not love those who exceed. " Quran 2: 190

Islam has based the duty of justice to others on one of the habits of Allah in the cosmos, which are never diverted or changed, this custom is the variety and difference that is the existence of others.

Only Allah is the only one and no one is equal to him .. While in all the worlds of men, animals, plants, etc. .. there are variety and difference, in short, there is the existence of others ..

People belong to different races, different tribes, different peoples, different cultures, etc. knowing each other based on cohabitation, cooperation and dialogue is the noble purpose of everyone.

O men, we have created you from a male and a female and we have made you peoples and tribes, so that you may know each other.With Allah, the noblest of you is the one who most fears Him.In truth Allah is wise, well informed. "Qur'an 49:13

And I am part of His signs, the creation of the heavens and the earth, the variety of your idioms and your colors, and there are signs for those who know ." Quran 30:22

Variety in creation is one of the signs of Allah, this difference between people in culture and civilization is considered an incentive to do good, each in its own way. 

Everyone has a direction to turn his face in. Compete in the good.Whether you are, Allah will gather you all in. In truth Allah is Almighty ." Quran 2: 148

Islam has recognized all the messages, books and prophecies sent from heaven to earth - via the prophets - along the history ..

Islam has not only recognized the other but also considered it an integral part of the human community, when it decided that the variety of heavenly laws - sent from heaven - represents different components in the same framework which is the only religion of Allah. Every nation has its own law, but religion is one and the same .. all the prophets and its peoples are brothers, they have different mothers that are the laws and only one father that is religion; This philosophy indicated in the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad "peace and blessings on him": "Prophets are brothers, sons of different mothers, their mothers are different and their religion is unique".

Islam's gaze on others is based on justice, so Islam does not generally judge all the sects, tendencies, doctrines of the other, that is, not to give a general judgment to avoid being unjust, but it keeps us differentiating between the sects, the categories and the doctrines of the other, so we find in the Koran phrase as "Among the people of the Book, there are many", "A part of the people of Scripture", "there is a community that follows a path of moderation "," very wicked is what many of them do. " and "They are not all the same among the people of Scripture" to underline and confirm the message of justice in speaking of the other.

"  They are not all the same: among the people of Scripture there is a community that recites the signs of Allah during the night and prostrates itself.  (114) They believe in Allah and the Last Day, they recommend good habits and forbid what is reprehensible and compete in good deeds.These are the devotees.  (115) All the good they do will not be disobeyed to them, for Allah perfectly recognizes the devotees.  (116) And those who are unbelievers, their goods and their children are not they will take shelter from Allah: they are the companions of the Fire and will remain there forever. "Quran 3: 113-116

"A part of the people of Scripture would have wanted to make you lose, but they were lost and they are not aware of it ." Quran 3:69

A part of the people of Scripture says:" At the beginning of the day, believe in what has been done to descend upon those who believe, and at the end of the day deny it . Quran 3:72

"    Among the people of the Book, there are many who, out of envy, would like to make you return unbelievers after you have believed and after that, even to them, the truth has appeared clearly! Forgive them and leave them aside until Allah sends your order In truth Allah is Almighty. "Qur'an 2: 109

Among the people of Scripture there are some who, if you entrust them with a qintâr, make it and others who, if you entrust them with money, do not make it until you are on them to get it back. we have obligations to the Gentiles. "And they consciously tell lies against Allah. " Quran 3:75

You are the best community that has been raised among men, recommended good habits and forbid what is reprehensible and believe in Allah. If the people of Scripture believed, it would be better for them, there is someone who is a believer, but most of them are ungodly. "Quran 3: 110

You will find that the most bitter enemies of believers are the Jews and the polytheists and you will find that the closest to the love for believers are those who say:" We are truly Nazarenes ", because among them there are men dedicated to study and monks who they have no pride.  (83) When they hear what has come down on the Messenger, you will see their eyes shed tears for the truth that they recognized you.They say: "O our Lord, we believe: count us among witnesses! " Quran 5: 82-83

If they " are not all the same: among the people of Scripture" as mentioned in the Holy Quran, then Allah's judgment will be different: for those who disbelieve "And those who are unbelievers, their goods and their children will not put them at all sheltered from Allah: they are the companions of the Fire and will remain there in perpetuity . " Quran 3: 116

But for believers " Those who believe, the Jews, the Sabians or the Nazarenes and anyone who believes in Allah and the Last Day and does good, will have nothing to fear and will not be afflicted. " Quran 5:69

Muslims call everyone else to abandon the causes of disagreements and focus on what they have in common:

Say:" O people of Scripture, come to a common declaration between us and you: [that is] that we will worship no other than Allah, without associating Him, and that we shall not take some of us as lords apart from Allah " If they then turn away, then say: "Testify that we are Muslims" . " Quran 3:64

The common declaration mentioned in the Qur'an in the previous verse consists in believing in three things that are the basis of faith: to believe in Allah the only God, to believe in the invisible, that only Allah knows and believes in doing good with recognition. of the variety of laws. Starting from this concept of justice of Islam the Qur'an has not generally accused all people of writing of distorting the meaning of words in their sacred books, but in the Qur'an there are verses that speak of light and the guide that find in the Gospel and in the Torâ:

... They have the Torâh with the judgment of Allah ." Quran 5:43

We made the Torâh descend, a source of guidance and light ... " Quran 5:44

We gave him the Gospel, in which he is guide and light ... " Quran 5:46

Judge the people of the Gospel according to what Allah has brought down: those who do not judge according to what Allah has brought down, these are the iniquitous. " Quran 5:47

dialogue with people of writing should be done in a kind and friendly way; rather in the best way possible:

Dialogate with manners of the Scriptures, except those of them who are unjust, say [them]:" We believe in what was brought down on us and in what was sent down on you, our God and yours are the same God and it is to Him that we submit to us "." Quran 29:46

Thus Islam has reached the summit of justice with all the others belonging to different cultures, religions and races. faith in Islam is a creed of the heart reaches the degree of absolute certainty, which can not be achieved in any way of oppression or constraint; Allah Most High says about it in the Holy Quran:

There is no compulsion in religion.The right way is well distinguished from error ... " Quran 2: 256

The invitation to Islam must be done kindly with wisdom. Only with the good word one can touch the hearts of others. 

 Call to the path of your Lord with the wisdom and the good word and discuss with them in the best way: verily your Lord knows better [than any] those who turn away from His path and know better [than any] those who they are well guided . " Qur'an 16: 125

Those who respond - with their heart - to Islam, become Muslims, while those who reject Islam are left in peace and judgment on them belongs to Allah on the Day of Resurrection 

"   ... To you your religion, to me my religion" "Quran 109: 6

 Say:" The truth [comes] from your Lord: believe those who want and those who want to deny ".... " Quran 18:29

In fact, the spread of Islam was peaceful and not with the sword as is repeated in the Mass media and without any missionary organization, most of the Muslims today have not seen the Muslim army in their country ... all the wars of the Muslims were only to protect and defend the freedom of their homeland, worship and dignity. The wars in the time of the prophet 'peace and blessings on him' were against those who fought and expelled the Muslims from their homes.

"   Those who have been assaulted are given the authorization [to defend themselves], because they have certainly been oppressed and, in truth, Allah has the power to succor them,  (40) to those who have been blamed without their guilt from their homes, only because they said, "Allah is our Lord." If Allah did not reject one another, then monasteries and churches, synagogues, and mosques would be destroyed in which the name of Allah is often mentioned, and Allah will come to the aid of those who support. [His religion] In truth, Allah is strong and mighty . " Quran 22: 39-40

Perhaps Allah will establish friendship between you and those considered enemies, Allah is omnipotent and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. (8) Allah does not forbid you to be good and righteous to those who have not fought for your religion. and that they have not driven you out of your houses, for Allah loves those who behave with fairness. (9) Allah forbids you only to be allies of those who fought you for your religion, who have driven you out of your homes, or that have contributed to your expulsion: those who take them as allies are the unjust . "Quran 60: 7-9

Wars in Islam were not made to oppress others to believe in Islam, but to defend the homelands against the invaders. All the victims in the wars made in the time of the prophet are 386; 183 are Muslim martyrs and 203 are the victims of the unbelievers .. 

While the victims of religious wars between Catholics and Protestants are 10 million according to the statistics of Voltaire (1694 - 1778), that is, in the guerres of religious wars - for two centuries - almost 40% of the peoples in Central Europe have been killed.

In the first century after Hijra, all the battles of the Islamic conquests were against the Roman and Persian armies that oppressed the peoples of the east culturally, politically and religiously for more than 10 centuries. Muslims have not practiced any kind of oppression against the peoples of the countries they conquered. The peoples of these countries considered the coming of the Muslims as a type of divine punishment against the oppressors, with the Islamic conquest these peoples have restored their full freedom of worship.

Here are some witnesses:

Bishop John of Nikiu- an eyewitness to the Islamic conquest of Egypt- said: " Allah who protects rights, has not neglected the world, has chastised oppressors via Ismael's sons - the Arabs and the Muslims - who have dominated all the cities in Egypt and'Amr ibn al-'Āṣ did not take any money from the churches ".

Michael the Syrian (Melitene, 28 November 1126 - Melitene, 7 November 1199) was an Eastern Christian bishop and a Syrian writer, also known as Michael the Great, said: " the Roman emperor did not allow our church to show and not listen to the bishops' complaints regarding the looted churches, so Allah sent the sons of Ismael to save us and punish the Romans who had stolen our churches, we lived in peace with the Muslims and we re-established our freedom of worship. "

The Islamic conquests were only to free the countries of the East from Roman oppression and to save Eastern Christians from persecution.

                   Dr.Muhammad Imara

             Translated by: Hanaa Mohammed