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What Is Love???

What Is Real Romance?

“Love is when Khadijah [R.A] spent her entire wealth on this Deen for the Man she Loved…
Love is when Muhammad [p.b.u.h] took the glass that Ayesha [R.A] drank from and put his lips on the exact
place she put her’s and then drank…
Love is when Nabi [p.b.u.h] had a race with Ayesha [R.A] and teased her when she lost…
Love is when Nabi [p.b.u.h] would take a bone that Ayesha [R.A] sucked meat from and would put his lips on
that same place she chewed the meat from…
Love is when Fatimah [R.A] immediately smiled and never complained when her father [p.b.u.h]
told her that her Nikaah has been made to Ali [R.A]…
Love is when Zainab [R.A] would sacrifice her most prized possession ,her everything for her Husband…!

✦✦✦✦ Real Love is not based only on FAKE ROMANCE, candle light dinner and walks along the beach. In Fact is Based also
On Respect, Compromise, Care And Trust ✦✦✦✦
mashallah this is REAL ROMANCE IN ISLAM.