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Category: Islam
Some think that women, by nature, always have a weak point of view because their thinking is wrong, so they do not care too much about their ideas.

Nature is only one:

In fact, the human nature of man and woman is almost the same; Allaah has given the woman what she has given to man to help each of them to assume their commitments and duties.

The female and the woman in front of the Islamic Sharia are equal; The man can sell, buy, marry, divorce, testify and sue, and even the woman can do it. The woman and the man are like the partners of a factory or a company, and have shared the duties and responsibilities according to the abilities of each one.

The historical situation of women:

The Qur'an clarified the general lines that each (man and woman) has defined for men and women to follow in their behavior, it seems that the situation of women in general, have the same status as men; The Qur'an spoke of conciliators and corrupters not only of men but also of women as two influential and vigorous forces in life.

In the story that the Quran has told us in its various verses, there are many examples that emphasize that women have the same status as men and ALLAH has chosen women as He has chosen men:

"! Oh, Maria [Mariam]! Worship your lord, prostrate you and bow down with the prayers. These are stories you did not know, and we reveal them to you. You [oh, Mohammed] were not present when they raffled off with their gray hair to see who would take care of Maria (Mariam), nor when they argued about it." [43-44:3]

35 ) Indeed, the Muslim men and Muslim women, the believing men and believing women, the obedient men and obedient women, the truthful men and truthful women, the patient men and patient women, the humble men and humble women, the charitable men and charitable women, the fasting men and fasting women, the men who guard their private parts and the women who do so, and the men who remember Allah often and the women who do so - for them Allah has prepared forgiveness and a great reward.{Al-Ahzaab: 35}

The Quran informs us that when it comes to acts of worship and service to the holy places, there is no difference between the man and the woman and Allah Almighty accepts the work of both, mentions the story of Imrân's wife:
  1. When the wife of Imrân said : "My Lord! I have taken the vow to deliver to your exclusive service what is in my womb. ! Accept it! You are Omnioyente, Omnisciente."(35:37)

Imrân's wife was sad after giving birth to a girl, because the wrong tradition, in those days, entrusts the service of holy places only to males. But Almighty Allah accepted the service of holy places for Mary, chosen by Allah to perform the miracle of giving birth to Jesus "peace be upon him" without a father. And also to show that Allah accepts women as men accept. Also clarify that this woman (Maria) has been in a situation does not reach men.

When Zakarias 'peace with him' observed the food that was near Maria and he did not know where it came from, he asked "where does this come from?" Maria's response "peace on her": "On the part of ALLAH".

"Every time that Zakarias [zakariya] entered the temple he found it provided with food, and then he exclaimed: Oh Mary, where did this come from? She answered: from Allaah, because Allah sustains without measure whoever pleases Him." [37: 3]

Indeed, Allah gives to those who want without counting "the inspired peace of Zakarias over him" a turn towards Allah Almighty to grant him good descendants, although he was an old man and his wife was sterile.

"There Zakarias [Zakariya] invoked his lord saying :! My Lord! Grant me a good offspring, You hear the prayers (38) Then the Angels called him when he prayed in the temple saying: Allah blesses you with the birth of John [Yahia], who will corroborate the word of Allah, will be noble, chaste, and a virtuous prophet. (39) He said: My Lord, how can I have a son, if old age has overtaken me and my wife is barren? He replied! So shall! Because Allah does what He pleases. (40)." [38-39-40: 03]

Thus, John [Yahia], the prophet was the fruit of the invocation to Allah by Zakariah 'peace on them'. For the sake of Mariam "the peace in her" who marked Zakariah to invoke Allaah, a new divine stage in humanity began, whose apparent sign was Jesus son of Mariam, she was alone, without a father.


        Translated by: Hanaa Mohammed​