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How to Convert To Islam ?

Know the Step to Enter the right ISLAM

Category: Famous

Allah sent down and give him a light of guidance to whoever He wills, and by way of the unexpected. Similarly, a step that occurs in Christiane Backer, a German television star whose name is famous in the world of entertainment Europe.

Parker is the announcer on a giant music television station MTV, which has a network in almost every country in the world. For European viewers audience, Backer is one of the figures favorite announcer because of his ability.

Backer get the story of the beginning of the light guidance is unique, namely through the streets and the philosophy of love.

"When I find out the nature of love, that's where I got to know Islam. And of Islam, I found the truest love, the purest, namely the followers of God's love is so sincere, "Backer said, as reported by the Daily Alarabiyyah (25 / 8).

Backer of Islamic interest in also becoming. He further study religion in greater detail pungkasan it again, until finally pledged himself to be a Muslim.

"I finally establish Islam as an option and my way of life. And after becoming a Muslim, I had to actively undergo some rights and obligations of my religion, "he explained.

However, his decision to become a Muslim also reap other trials. Backer no longer be allowed to broadcast announcer. Not only that, my friends and relatives were exiling him.

Fortunately, both parents had no problem Backer the chosen way of life of his son. They even support it.

"Some time after I decided to become Muslim, I feel very alienation. I am ostracized by my friends and my relatives. But Alhamdulillah, my parents supported my actions and life choices for berislam. "

Islamic Backer was also a blessing for his family life. Both his parents are happy to see a new figure Backer, who has been the people of Muhammad.

"He has now become a girl who was energetic, full of optimism, ethical, and religious," I'm both parents Backer.

Backer also told, increasingly warm family atmosphere of the discussions about Islam. "My family is very much to take positive things from the religious teachings that he now embrace this."

To share his spiritual experiences, Backer wrote the book with interesting themes, namely "From MTV to Mecca", or "From MTV Towards Mecca". In the book, Backer told how he suffered displacement from the original life in the entertainment world are endowed with the popularity and financial, to then become a devout Muslim Europe.

What has been experienced by Backer is a valuable lesson for anyone. And sure enough, God's guidance can be achieved by love and compassion, not by war and violence.